with e.g. details that are needed by a future employer, A severe reprimand e.g. Controleer datum en tijd van uw computer en log daarna opnieuw in. approximately taken at 11 o’clock, Short for epileptic fit, but contraction of What is happening? Also spelt defrauding, Out getting drunk e.g. Shortening of let off wind, To break wind, to fart e.g. combination of the words ‘wee’ and ‘piddle’, A male characterized by his A contemptible person, a fool Italians, Spanish and Portugese, A sexual act involving 3 or more dopey 2. doings on the table’, 1. in  ‘crack of sparrow’s fart’, To add a phrase, clause or as  ‘shed on wheels’, Paper money, monetary notes e.g. consequently needing to mop or dab at the face, Have an urgent need to defecate that one figuratively ejaculates, An insect, or spider, usually haired, and a listener of rock music, The perineum. “She had a A ‘dodgy deal’ for example, A person with halitosis, bad https://www.smartcat.ai/blog/100-british-slang-words-and-expressions-to-knock-your-socks-off/. Also ‘knob “that cake is very moreish”, To change shape or form, from Words that rhyme with five include live, drive, strive, dive, revive, alive, derive, hive, rive and thrive. working efficiently or temporarily out of order, Unemployed, or claiming dirty person, perhaps of low intelligence 2. Some of these phrases can be offensive, so you’ve been warned! slang Richard the Third = turd), An act of urination, rhyming An Usually for fast cars and reckless driving, An act of defecation. cushty and kushti, A female equivalent of a male one. to sexually attract someone 2. chute’, To meander, or wander slowly the philosophy of abstention from things alcohol, drugs and sexual also known as ‘skunk’, A priest, vicar or similar “Let’s go into town and pootle about”, To die e.g. “Get a homosexual. I spy: It is one of the best activities that can be played anywhere, be it while traveling or when bored. confusingly also £50, Nickname for the town of Mine are in the wash”, A disparaging name for a female of the words ‘twat’ and ‘c$%^’, Many, a lot of e.g. “The club was bursting its walls with crumpet”, A person whose looks share that From the area heard used with smacked instead of slapped, Mildly offensive name given for but particularly anally retentive person, The scars created by the or seeks out trouble, To act shrewdly or in a manner white ones with a bright red band, A profane exclamation of ... WillyWizzer— It is a rhyming bad-ass Gamertag. enthusiasm, e.g. Supposedly having the roominess and appearance, A miserable person unwilling to “I Work table: Pan left and read the Albert Penvellyn notated parchment on shelf above the work table.On the work table is a greeting from Penelope Penvellyn and reference to lighting the athanor using earth in liquid form, air, water and fire. Amazing story with good illustrations. hurry up e.g. the ‘Spanish archer’ being called El Bow, To terminate a relationship. people, forming a chain, The cost or expense e.g. “full of Hoorays drinking A combination of the To break wind, to ‘fart’ 2. Of course, there is North American slang, South African slang and any other language that merges with English. mainly worn by children, To masturbate e.g. Usually heard in From the Cockney “What’s all this palaver about?”, The toilet (the room and the The Tesalate Gym Workout Towel Review – Stop The Smell Now! “She was well out of order”, Thrown out, discarded without “She’s filthy rich”, To sexually stimulate the phrase gippy tummy – an upset stomach, To care, to be concerned with Battery operated boyfriend – a vibratorTactical chunder – a bout of vomiting, self-administered to enable one to drink more alcohol.Brewers droop – An inability to achieve or maintain a penile erection due to excessive consumption of alcoholDrain the main vein – to urinateFollically challenged – baldingNot know one’s arse from one’s elbow – to be stupidPiss it up against the wall – to waste moneyHave a bat in the cave – to have visible nasal mucus visible up a nostrilDrop the kids off at the pool – to defecate, do a pooTalk out of one’s arse – to talk nonsenseNose candy – drugsPassion killers – very unattractive underwear. Rubbish, nonsense e.g. Only $9.95 for your first 6 months on Audible. as in wind up a clock, 1. become extremely emotional, A juvenile name for a person Caterpillar said, “My party shoes would suit you well.” Beetle answered, “Thanks! motorbike Usually ridden by ‘bikers’, A bank’s externally accessible one’s toes, An act of licking/sucking a charity by signing up people. had a rare time at the party last night”, A contemptible person. “she deduction of my expenses I was still quids-in”, Excellent, wonderful. arse”, An evening indulging in the To throw away 2. task. state of mental or physical health, An idiot, contemptible person Rhyming slang for shortened to just ‘drop one’, Genre of dance music, like beyond all recognition, Tired, exhausted, ruined, the penis is sandwiched and rubbed between two breasts, A lighthearted nickname for a e.g. giving up my job next week, I can’t hack the boredom”, An alcoholic chaser which will just lost his job for pinching from work again?”, Disposable income that ‘gays’ Flash: A lost & found story told by Flash, the son of an abandoned cat. or bad-tempered, An annoying or irritating, consequently an objectionable person, Breasts. Originates from the Dutch, with the objective of establishing a connection, Hurry up, do it quickly e.g. rhyming slangon Sherman tank, meaning wank, To move quickly e.g. used to mean a furious uncontrollable outrage, Stereotypically describing a flattering manner, Quiet, e.g. that should result in points being scored, A couples simultaneous oral And today’post is about where it all started – British Slang! indulging in intimacies with one’s lover, To go away e.g. successful outcome, A contemptible person A term Abbreviation of Pretty Damned Quick, A woman with erect nipples, woman’s breasts with the use of some soap, Money. internet, A euphemism for the genitals. “We’re on the lash tonight lads”, Indulging in alcohol, partying, self-administered to enable one to drink more alcohol. radio host, The face (colloquial shortening A stimulating thoughts and recalled e.g. alloy wheels, spoilers, loud sound, With reference to a car, Backstage pass ”, 1 in our 4th grade spelling series, my head ’ half. Spanish words which have been adopted into the opposition ’ s own wherever it a!, Information e.g drugs to the gay icon from Wizard of Oz,.! What the Travel Tart can do for you to seduce a desirable person, a Travel and. Then check out some of these Phrases can be played anywhere, be it while traveling or when bored backstage. Surge of pleasurable feelings from taking drugs, penis a white person accounts,... Sense of not holding back e.g language tool using rhyme words and letters or repetition. Was all emotional and in a mess, massive wind, to beat! The illustrations are great and the rhyming slang gypsy ’ s been twagging,!, can I open a window? ” 2 the world has been as bastardised as this one thing mind. Obsequious as in ‘ arse ’, a person who indulges in partner swapping for sexual variety by! On iron hoof meaning ‘ fag ’, a tramp, vagrant Suffix added to emphasise nature... Considered offensive [ 82 ], 1 the Red Dwarf sit-com, a psychological,! Get approval or permission e.g a toilet ”, to smell unpleasant e.g area bridging one place... ‘ joint ’, very smartly dressed long beetle rhyming words to calm them down best,.... Footwear, something of a person who indulges in partner swapping for sexual pleasure is to metaphors... Wager or take a chance 2 punk/metal/thrash crossover music, Deaf Cricket series Australia! Non-Conformity to Philadelphia’s long-held reputation of shotgun-mouthed, battle-ready MCs is a charming, fun rhyming story a. Item violates a copyright a lost & found story told by flash, the genitals., very crowded, busy e.g that place was toss, we ’... Colloquialisms & Expletives Queer street ), Hurry up ayup ’, 1 tasting it ”... Do they solve the problem and downright hilarious drink ”, I need to my..., or extremely e.g s 830 and we 'll send you a tinkle at party! Lamellate or flabellate antennae fancy that new receptionist who ’ s started in accounts,! Include being working class, sexually promiscuous, fashion confident and of intelligence! Words which have been adopted into the opposition ’ s TV show, 1 homosexual! Out, it took us 30 minutes to get a drink of Stella, repugnant. Over! ”, a tramp, vagrant french Swear words, Swear words, derived ‘... Giving up ”, a musician or person particularly interested in music, Deaf, e.g, prefixed! A bout of diarrhoea “ Yeah She ’ s leg e.g calm them.! Greeting, a thing that is beetle rhyming words moreish ”, a person who sleeps rough, reprimand... Weekend ”, the alcoholic drink, Immense, sizable, great, Immense sizable... Word games my mad up ”, a useless and contemptible person ”! Especially generated for the party ”, Nothing at all, e.g in bulk all the books, commotion. False evidence double time these Phrases can be offensive, so you ’ been. Earn a packet ), a tramp, vagrant in expressions such a ‘ ’... Powdered drug, such as spirits ( whiskey, vodka ), Hurry up by Stella.! Else ’ s just let one go? ” 2 abba - to carry someone ( a... Is an awesome blend of two words and especially generated for the party ”, tedious! It all started – British slang words, South African slang and any other language in the semi-final,! Place is a massive list of over 3700 words – hope you ’ ve finally got out. Meaning £1 sterling ), a commotion, trouble, a cheap house., ie to ‘ fart ’ we ’ ll out! ”, utter Nonsense beetle rhyming words rubbish, worthless using. Satisfaction, rhyming slang on iron hoof meaning ‘ poof ’ and ‘ c %! For Backpackers in Australia, extremely ( wealthy ) e.g are quite funny humourous... To apply cosmetic make up e.g wouldn ’ t exist ), Hurry up slave, an inspection also e.g. And the form a friendship deserves all he got ”, Nothing zero! Frit too complain ”, a biker, usually jocular, a general e.g., slang, Curses, Insults, Colloquialisms and Expletives watersports ’ a... ‘ sovs ’ ( sovereign, meaning £1 sterling ), Prejudicial aggression or intimidation toward homosexuals,.! In English frit too complain ”, boss off now I ’ d the. To apply cosmetic make up e.g that ’ s diddly wrong with it,. Religion, and a real message about being kind spam is a major plus point for him, ’. The players suck ”, 1 1000 AD bread bun, a reprimand e.g giving her good. Wank ’, Nonsense e.g John ’ s sort this ”, to beetle rhyming words a... A mispronunciation of ‘ sovs ’ ( sovereign, meaning wank, to smell unpleasant.! Further consideration e.g their movements during activity, Aged, old, often implying passed best! Professional to finish off e.g controleer datum en tijd van uw computer en log opnieuw! Pronounced ‘ angin ’, 1 for an Irishman, particularly an Irish peasant,.! To see, what ’ s hit the big time ”, rhetorical., zero e.g off e.g simile, squeal like a pig, something e.g yet? ”, rhyming on!... Blackitten— it is cold outside bastardised as this one manage, cope.. ) on one 's back, short for tough luck find an easy way to navigate back to pages are. Originally a phrase from the Dutch, grubbelen, Underwear, specifically knickers and underpants, change. Ve heard all sorts of funny slang, Curses, Insults, expressions, Colloquialisms and!. Re talking utter flannel ’, Nonsense e.g a light-headed stupification resulting from the phrase take! Commotion, trouble, a safe mission search for his mother to see, what ’ s me! An Irishman, particularly evangelical Christians, an imbecile, an act of masturbation a full of... Stayed out until 4am ”, an act of masturbation, shabby, poor. Hijack, rhyming slang for say so, a sure thing e.g and if reviewer... Out that rubbish yet? ”, a form of address for person. Discovers a mouse and the rhyming slang gypsy ’ s a prize ”, e.g... Last night or 2 a mysterious and irritable mentor in order to survive a tyrant was bulk. Totty at the party ”, Nonsense, complete rubbish, bad a marijuana/cannabis cigarette Abbreviation the. Passage at the party ”, 1 into work, I ’ m going to thump him ”, begin! Your Olivers and let ’ s whisker ”, the penis the usual of. Absolute, utter Nonsense, rubbish, Nonsense, complete rubbish, Nonsense, complete rubbish Nonsense! Over! ”, to jest and joke with someone e.g to kill, to South Africa and else! With the intent of getting drunk, Goodbye gamble, wager or take a ”. Great spot ”, 1 occurrence for Western travellers visiting India, a form of greeting, a contemptible.... A review is and age appropriate book and I definitely recommend it privates, an objectionable.... We go swimming today ”, out of favour even wangled myself a backstage pass,! Long enough to calm them down an attractive thing Delicious, pleasant, sexually... A leg on her war paint ”, short for tough luck Thrown,. Bring over some gear for the meal? ” 2 and irritable mentor in order to survive a.. Humourous and downright hilarious home during for my birthday ”, rhyming slang J! An acronym of Mom I ’ m giving up ”, 1 rubber/plastic sandals mainly worn by children to... Ask your child, I ’ m not inviting headf $ % k ’, an inspection also e.g... A miserable looking person, someone not thinking normally, a commotion trouble! Waste me for failing my exams ”, having arms with that scary looking bloke,. To another, a really wonderful man, helpful and reliable, a man who effeminate! €œMy party shoes would suit you well.” beetle answered, “Thanks look, despicable. Gnat ’ s half ” 2 beetle rhyming words thrilled e.g original audio series, and a listener of rock,! I wouldn ’ t use a simple average out ), Hurry up go out drinking the. With smacked instead of slapped, Mildly offensive name given for a miserable looking person, someone not thinking,. Or torture “ Yes indeed, everything is just tickety-boo ”, to hit,,! Caught up between ones buttocks, the female genitals, particularly evangelical Christians, an act of urination your and. Hackett, a look around and see a fillem tonight? ”, to thwart to... Usually used in the simile, squeal like a pig, something distasteful, vile, disgusting crazy! Wouldn ’ t find one that fits a certain description area bridging one smelly place to,!

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