You must send it within 5 business days after your online application. İkamet You are allowed to stay in Turkey for 90 days (not 3 months) within a 180-day period. You’ll see the option at the end screen of the online application process. hello, you should bring your passport, may be its copy as well, also your application paper muraccat belgesi and you suppose to have 2 copies of your payment slips for ikamet. Your appart hotel should give you their official paper which will show your all term you are renting a place from them. The required minimum for application is 500$ per month or more. // ]]> My family of 4 all applied for residency on March 23. Translate. The ability to pay at one of the following banks: Garanti, Deniz, & Türkıye İş Bankası. What should i do now? I’ve heard that you can check it online using the number on your application or on your old residence permit ! From the first renewal of your Ikamet, you will get a longer period (six months, one year). Before you can open a. Erasmus Learning students don`t pay Fee amount and 695,60 TL single entry visa fee. The application form signed by you (the applicant) for your residence permit for Turkey. mobdekom Social. Thankfully, it’s now possible to pay online. Next challenge – pay for your RP….but not here, that would be too easy Off to the Vergi Dairesi again…. If you leave the country for more than 15 days, your application for residence permit will be dropped. Your Turkish residence permit (İkamet Tezkeresi). No need to worry, most photographers know what you need when they hear the word Ikamet and will arrange it all properly for you. The latest trend is that property owners receive immediately – even at their first application – an Ikamet for minimal one year. Average daily 20.000 e-ikamet residence permit applications are lodged in Turkey. I would like to know who to call or what to do if anyone has any suggestions. If all the documents relating to the application of your Ikamet are in order; you will almost certainly obtain your residence permit for Turkey. Currently, the website to apply for a residence permit for Turkey is available in Turkish, English and Russian. İ calleckted all dokuments. You can pay for your foreign phone’s registration online, Family Residence permit (ikamet) for foreign child in Turkey. The process of registering utilities in your name may be daunting All I was given by the GOC was a scrap of paper with the total amount to be paid scribbled on it by hand! While First application you may pay your fees after your exact randevu. FAQ and answers about ikamet (residence permit). If you don’t speak one of these languages, it is recommended to get some help by someone who speaks one of them. My son’s has not arrived yet. Be sure to have your identity card or passport on hand, as well as your Turkish visa, because you will need those during the application process. In April 2015 I applied for a new Ikamet at the same time as my husband. 2. Both the first application and the renewal of a residence permit for Turkey is a standard administrative procedure which runs smoothly without any hassle. Pay the Fees. e-ikamet. Create an account. A lot of personal information will be asked and, obviously, you need to fill out all the mandatory fields correctly. There is a link for your Ikamet application form marked with blue color – you can press on it to be able to save your Ikamet form you just filled in before. foreigners to enter turkey at customs borders / airports with tourist visa or e-visa and who obtain 1 or 2 years touristic residence permit id card (upto min 6 months remaining) may at anytime find jobs in turkey and apply to ministry of labor and social security by employer together, for foreigner work permit id card to be issued next. 6000$ (for Antalya can be more). You are required to attach the receipts of residence permit and document fees to the application documents. right in your inbox. Apply for a Single entry visa, Transit visa or Courtesy visa to Kenya and pay securely using your VISA card or Mastercard. What should I write at the field “income source” and how much? Copyright © Real Pro Invest 2014 - 2020. They tell me to come to the Mugla office, what should I bring with me, and will I have to reapply again? In order to assist you in your application process, you can use the videos prepared by the Directorate of Immigration Management while completing your application: Your situation is not standart, and I would advice you to ask at your local goc idaresi, as you can not apply for renewal, you will need to apply from beginning, but the details about exactly your situation you have to find out at goc idaresi. Although a tourist visa is valid for 180 days, you are allowed to reside in Turkey only 90 days out of the 180. Add to Wishlist. This is the most important part of your application online. Payments are exepted at Tax offices (vergi dairesi) and some banks (for ex., Zıraat bankası, İş bankası). Make sure it is higher than around 1300TL if you are a family of two, and plus extra 316 TL if you have more family mements. If necessary, a foreign citizen can renew it many times. Unfortunately, only Turkish credit cards are currently accepted. Please be sure you’ve downloaded it at the same moment. In my case, I’m Italian, so I don’t have to pay the yearly visa fee (320,70 TRY), and I didn’t have to pay the IKAMET TEZKERE UCRETI (which is the price of the blue book they will give you as a residence permit), because it is not the first year I apply for the permit. I didnt get my ikamet card yet for the last year but its date is expired now from 16 september . These questions i must know before applying. How to Pay Residence permit application procedures of our international students are carried out by our university. Please be sure you’ve downloaded it at the same moment. How and where can I pay for my ikamet application? Residential accommodation is one of the main objectives of the foreign real estate property. Touristic e-ikamet residence ID is only to live in Turkey and pass free Turkish borders.. You can save and print the completed application form of your residence permit for Turkey, as well as an additional form with all relevant guidelines and stating which documents you must submit at the migration office. If your spouse has no official salary or work, you will be able to show his bank statement as well. At anytime you may track active e-ikamet application in progress at the government website. Hi. The first time you apply for your Ikamet, your residence permit for Turkey will be granted for a relatively short period; e.g. In a case if you will not do that, your application will be canceled. He will be leaving the country for 2 weeks and we want to make sure he gets back in. Its name is Sicil kaydı (sabıka kaydı). My original ikamet had expired over three months ago. Your passport must still be valid for at least 6 months after the end date of the requested Ikamet. And make sure you use the latest version of your browser. Magnificent fully furnished luxury flat with sea view in Mahmutlar Alanya, Brand new spacious and cheap apartments for sale in Antalya, Konyaaltı. How to Pay You can apply for a residence permit via . If you don’t speak the Turkish language; it is recommended to be accompanied by someone who does speak Turkish during your visit to the migration office, and also at the conclusion of a health insurance in Turkey for instance. We have been in country for 6 months. at the court palace or online at e-devlet and print out. In case that any additional information or documents should be requested; you will be informed thereof by telephone or by email. With an Ikamet (residence permit for Turkey), you can stay indefinitely in Turkey, provided that you extend it of course. You will need to pay 2 separate payments: the 1st one -55 TL for ikamet plastic card, , and the 2nd one – processing fee  ( amount of it depends on your country of citizenship and you may check exact fees while your online application. // ]]> You will need to use First application at online randevu system . you can check official website and see if they added that option, Your email address will not be published. You can apply for a long-term residence permit if you: 1. have resided in Turkey minimum for eight years uninterruptedly. If your spouse is Turkish citizen, he/she can get it by kimlik no. A Foreign ID Number (you get this when you get your ikamet) 4. 2. After your migration officer checked all the documents; you have to pay a small fee for the Ikamet itself. As you begin your online session, at the first page, you can choose from several options; such as a first application for Ikamet or the renewal of an Ikamet. Once these are done you can proceed. 3. Pay for your Ikamet (Vergi Dairesi). For the renewal of your residence permit for Turkey, the procedure is slightly different. 14. A single account is all you need for all your future evisa applications. If you submit the above mentioned documents and filled out your application form decently; your application for a residence permit for Turkey will almost certainly be approved and your Ikamet will be sent to the address you specified. Find out if you're affected by coronavirus/COVID-19. Was wondering if this was going to work. But as this online  system is totally new, not all departments may aggree to accept your payments. Officials told me the usual overstaying fine was 90 lira per day (around £25). Your application for a residence permit in Turkey is now officially registered. You can pay your fees at dıstrıct Vergi dairesi (tax office) or Ziraat bankasi. Teen. During the period between the application date of your Ikamet and the approval of your request, you can leave the country for up to 15 days only, and you will need a special form – if your visa has already expired – which you can obtain at the migration office upon presentation of your application form. Make sure that; when you schedule the date and time of your appointment – see above – you don’t book the last appointment of the day (e.g. Suppose you are moving into a rental property and the gas, electricity, and water are in the owner's name. You can log in now with your name and your Turkish ID-number, which is stated on your Ikamet, and then complete the application form. If you didnt pay yet or didnt go for randevu, the only way you can change something is New application. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Since 2015, also the application procedure for an Ikamet (residence permit for Turkey) – just as for a visa for Turkey – has to be done through the Internet. Your migration officer might request some additional documents or information, but normally this doesn’t happen. May I apply for a Family ikamet for my parents? Access to the nearest PTT (post office). Collapse. In practical terms, this means you need a document of your Turkish bank which confirms that you have enough money in your account. You will need to scan and attach it to your application. The Visa type entered will help determine the e-ikamet type residence ID card to obtain. As with the first application, the duration of the procedure depends on the site of application and the period (summer months are traditionally busier). As a customer of RealProinvest, you can, of course, rely on our assistance. You are filling in it while your application process and at the end you will get the link to download your application in PDG format. An Ikamet (residence permit). Install. 4. TIP: You can pay your tax fees online by using a Turkish Credit Card or with your foreign card by paying a smal amount of commission or if you have already a TC number you can pay at bank. As you will provide your bank statement as attached document, you can just write the source of income as “Private savings”.Make sure your bank statement for 1 year shows min. Get our weekly newsletter and be the first to 2. have a valid health insurance. In that case, you may be inclined to leave utilities as is, but this is an illegal practice that will incur significant fines. This document gives the right to be out of Turkey for up to 15 days. Thank you!! It is A4 document with photo and applicant info, + 2 payment slips he paid for ikamet while application in march. His arrived within one week. Can i apply for renewal of my ikamet without providing last ikamet photo copy? Your Turkish residence permit*, or in Turkish words, your “ikamet tezkeresi”, 1838,70 Turkish liras - the registration fee as of 2020. You can buy Foreign Health Insurance Online from our website 7 days 24 hours in just 3 steps / 3 minutes. As he already applied, he can go to Migration office of your province and ask a special paper for travel. on a CD-ROM or USB stick). Get your biometric picture taken. Your email address will not be published. Which documents should you take with you to the migration office? Then you need to register yourself in nufus dairesi of your district according to that address. Our staff will be happy to assist you during the application procedure for your Ikamet (residence permit for Turkey). What should I do if while my online application at the Göç idaresi website Im not able to choose my existing randevu date which I took before May 18, 2015 and my page shows error? It is possible now to apply for granting ikamet for 2 years – in such a case all the documents need to be valid for adequate period of time, which means we need an insurance policy for 2 years, we have to pay a higher administrative fee (the fee for second year of validity of ikamet is little lower). An internet connection 5. Required fields are marked *. stayTURKISH was created with informational purpose only, doesn't provide any official legal advices which users and visitors can appeal to while official legal process. 3. If you would like to be informed about any changes in the procedures concerning the Ikamet application; we suggest you subscribe to our newsletter here or to consult our blog regularly. stayTURKISH создан только с информационной целью, не предоставляет право использования пользователями или посетителями сайта в любых юридических целях. You will need this file during the application: after completing all the information on the application form, you need to upload your biometric picture. But as this online system is totally new, not all departments may aggree to accept your payments. How much time I have after online application for extension of my ikamet to send my documents to Migration office? Registration Procedure. 5 biometric – and, of course, identical to the one you've uploaded – photographs, not older than 6 months. Your other option is to pay at TC Ziraat, Halk or Vakıflar Bank. He has been issued a temporary number but we still have no card and are unsure of who to contact. You can obtain your Police records at  the building of  court of Turkey (Adalet sarayı) by your passport. The application for renewal has to be done online also, but instead of "new application" you opt for "extension" of course . Unfortunatelly, with the new laws, Family ikamet for parents based on their child’s ikamet or citizenship was canceled. As is the case with most official matters in Turkey (for example, the opening of a Turkish bank account), you have to specify the names of your parents. Don’t panic, once your application for a residence permit for Turkey is completed correctly and registered; you have the permission to reside in Turkey (pending the approval of your Ikamet). Please do not forget to make a copy of your tax payment! You make the right choice, then choose the region (Antalya, Alanya, Izmir, ...) and then you will be directed to a screen where you will need to set a date and time for the actual appointment at the migration office (first application). An additional form with a number of directives (including 2 small payments) and the address where you should send the requested documents to can also be printed. You may pay the fee with a money order, personal check, or cashier’s check. //
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